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10/01/2015 WStrokeCampaign

In Lagos #Nigeria campaigners will go to market on World Stroke Day #WSD15 to raise awareness of #women and #stroke http://t.co/K5VreZPn2X 3 days ago from Twitter Web Client

09/30/2015 WStrokeCampaign

Stroke prevention strategies in elderly should focus on multiple risk factors not just #AFib http://t.co/nb6wwOz8PT 4 days ago from Twitter Web Client

Global Stroke Bill of Rights


The Global Stroke Bill of Rights sets out what makes a real difference for people who have a stroke. We are calling on everyone to read, sign and support  the Bill.

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Tell us about your WSD 2015 plans

The countdown is on for World Stroke Day 2015!

Share your World Stroke Day 2015 Event

This year the World Stroke Organization is highlighting the impact of stroke on women and the steps women can take to reduce their stroke risk. Click here to publish your WSD 2015 Event.

World Stroke Organization

logo-world-strokeDedicated to improve care for stroke survivors worldwide. 

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The Post Stroke Checklist
Improving Life After Stroke

Developed to focus on the need for improved long-term stroke management.

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Stroke Solidarity String 

Guidelines and Information. 

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VIDEO : Australia - Stroke Solidarity String