In honor of World Stroke Day 2015, pediatric stroke advocacy organizations worldwide have joined together to create a campaign dedicated to supporting pediatric stroke awareness across the globe!


If you have a pediatric stroke story to share put it on the World Map! Simply go to http://united4pediatricstroke.org/be-visible/, share your or your child’s name, age at time of stroke, location in the world, brief story and a picture! Our goal is to have 1,000 children on the world map!

Do you realize the impact that can be made if each person that took part in this campaign shared on social media? We have made it easy for you to raise awareness with just a few clicks. Go to http://united4pediatricstroke.org/be-heard/, select the graphic in your language and share it on any or all of the social media sites. Let your voice be HEARD for pediatric stroke. Use #united4pedstroke and share the website united4pediatricstroke.org for the greatest impact!

In honor of 2015 World Stroke Day, we want to ensure that the awareness and education grows for pediatric stroke. Whether you are a healthcare provider, an impacted family or someone just learning of the possibility of stroke among children, we encourage you to increase your knowledge of pediatric stroke. Go to http://united4pediatricstroke.org/unite-for-change/ and check out the resources for pediatric stroke. Please share any of these with your friends and family to educate them that strokes can happen to children, babies, teens, and even before birth. We can do so much more when we UNITE for CHANGE! Use #united4pedstroke and share the website united4pediatricstroke.org for the greatest impact!

Find out more at the website:  http://united4pediatricstroke.org/

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Mary Kay Ballasiotes
Email Address: info@united4pediatricstroke.org

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