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The Stroke Work Group of the Venezuelan Society of Neurology is sponsoring and coordinating the activities planned by local Neurologists in 13 of the biggest cities in the country: Caracas, Maracaibo, Coro, Punto Fijo, Barquisimeto, Valencia, Mérida, San Cristóbal, Trujillo, Barcelona, Maracay, Guanare and Puerto Ayacucho.The organizers will appear in local and national television, radio and newspapers throughout the previous days to announce the activities and expand the knowledge about the prevention, the symptoms, the risks and the consequences of a stroke. Activities will start on Tuesday October 28 with conferences to inform the general public about stroke in Valencia. On Wednesday 29 there will be awareness activities in Maracay (Dr. Urania Rodriguez), Valencia (Dr. Sandra Rodriguez), Punto Fijo (Drs. Nazly Anaya, Dilia Parada, Nuvia McKenzie), Coro (Elena Alviarez), Mérida (Dr. Hilarión Araujo), Trujillo (Dr. Lenin Ruiz), Barquisimeto (Dr. Laura Vink), Guanare (Dr. Nelson Ramos), Barcelona (Dr. Zully Simmons, Dr. Lourdes Silva) and San Cristóbal (Dr. Ymber Matos). In Maracaibo there will be free consultation and information sessions on Thursday October 30 and Friday October 31. On Saturday November 1 there will be a public activity all day in Caracas’ main park and in a mall. Finally, on Tuesday November 25 there will be awareness activities in Puerto Ayacucho (Dr. Sirio Barreto).

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Stroke Work Group. Venezuelan Neurological Society
Mario De Bastos
Caracas and others cities, Venezuela
Work Phone: 00582122761164
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