Uruguay 2010

Sociedad de Neurologi­a

October 29 2010
All over the country, URUGUAY
The Uruguayan Society of Neurology (Sociedad de Neurologi­a del Uruguay - SNU) and the Institute of Neurology (School of Medicine, University of Uruguay) congratulate the World Stroke Organization (WSO) for the initiative of having established a World Stroke Day. As the Uruguayan national organization that is most involved in the fight against stroke, we have always been concerned about the fact that the majority of the Uruguayan population is unaware of the existence of stroke as well as its symptoms and risk factors.

We have been following and supporting this WSO initiative since 2008 with a wide range of activities.

On October 29th (World Stroke Day), the SNU, with the support of the Institute of Neurology, will perform a series of actions aimed at the community in order to create and/or raise public awareness about the seriousness of the disease and improve konwledge on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in the case of those citizens who have already suffered a stroke.

Among the activities planned, we would like to highlight the following ones:

(1) We have translated into Spanish this year's WSO poster. There is a printed version for
general distribution and a digital version to be sent to a significant number of people who will resend it to all their contacts. We also have another poster created by the SNU (both attachments 1 and 2).

(2) We will explain the significance of the Day to national government authorities, the press/media, health institutions, social clubs and schools, among others. Schools are a very important audience for us since we believe children become quickly aware of this topic and they convey to their parents and other relations what they have learned.

(3) We will distribute flyers advising on the early symptoms of a stroke and the risk factors. There is a self-assessment test so that every person is able to determine his/her own risk factors (attachment 3).

(4) A stand will be set up at one of the main squares in downtown Montevideo, capital city of Uruguay, easily identifiable by the poster printed as a gigantography. A group of neurologists talk to the people, explain to them the significance of stroke, control their blood pressure, distribute flyers, explain whatever doubt they may have and advise them on prevention issues.

Uruguay is divided into 19 deparments (provinces). Neurologists in each department deploy a great activity on that date through conferences, informal meetings, workshops, distribution of flyers and brochures, interviews in the media and special advice on this topic to patients at offices, hospitals, clubs, schools, etc.

Finally, we would like to stress two wonderful tools which have enabled us to reach a really large audience: e-mails and our web page (www.neurologiauruguay.org and http://neurologiauruguay.org/home/images/dia_mundial-ataque-cerebral.pdf).

Website: www.neurologiauruguay.org

Website:  www.institutodeneurologia.edu.uy

Contact Details:
Sociedad de Neurologi­a
Dr. Marnels Ferreira de Mattos
Hospital de Clinicas, Av. Italia s/n Piso 2
Montevideo 11600
Work Phone: 598 2 487 15 15 ext. 2540
Home Phone: 099 186 205
E-mail Address: socneuro@hc.edu.uy

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