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This is the first time that we have organized the world stroke day activities. In fact this was never happening in our community before, but we do aware of stroke. Through our survey, it was found that majority of the people in the community, which included those who have had stroke did not know what are the warning sign of stroke " FAST" .To prevent stroke and disability, we initiated the stroke warning sign campaign " Knowing FAST or get paralyzed" .We innovated the "FAST" sign in our Thai Language by creating a Phrase which is easy to remember. On the world stroke day people in the community were invited to the Health center of the sub district and the education regarding stroke warning sign were provided. All the education material were adapted and innovated. We use local language as well as songs to educate the people as we wanted them to remember all the FAST warning signs and could help themselves as soon as possible. In addition, a primary screening using stroke score card were used to categorize people into high risk group, precaution and low risk group so that we could follow them up according to their risk. For stroke survivors and family suffering from stroke, we refer them to the BCNC stroke care pathway so that they we be look after by the nursing college. We strongly believe that as a nursing institute we would make difference. This were all done by integrating the activity in the community and family nursing practice subject, as we believed that as a nursing institute we should be able to help to prevent stroke and provide continuous care for stroke patients as well as their family. Although this is our first time to organize this activity, but we were glad that this activity does make a different to the community and we will continue this activity as a part of our nursing education and services.

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Boromarajonani College of Nursing, ChiangMai
Dr. Roshinee Oupra
Prof. Prakaykaew Thanasuwan
Stroke Study Center Boromarajonani College of Nursing, ChiangMai Donkaew Subdistrict MaeRim District ChiangMai Thailand 50180 , ChiangMai
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