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Taiwan-National-Dr.-Sun-Yat-sen-Memorial-HallTaiwan Stroke Association is successful to link many hospital-based small stroke patient support groups. Many stroke survivors and their family, physicians, nurses, social workers and caregivers are encouraged to walk out, to help by each other and to organize a stronger support society. We also strengthen the cooperation with other relative societies, such as Taiwan Stroke Society, Taiwan Neurology Society and Cerebrovascular Diseases Prevention and Treatment Foundation, etc. The theme of WSD will coordinate the global theme of WSO and presents as I am a woman as well as focusing on post stroke care this year.

The annual Fight Stroke campaign activity includes two different parts. Part A was designed a series of games for learning awareness for stroke prevention. People will learn how to identify stroke symptoms and the importance of healthy life style in stroke prevention. Part B consisted of booth organized by major leading hospitals around Taipei and several patient supportive groups. The team composed of different specialists including physicians, nurse practitioner, nutritionist and representative of the Taiwan Stroke Association. They work together to provide the education for holistic health care after stroke incident.

Taiwan-World-Stroke-Day-2015 PosterContact Details

Taiwan Stroke Association
Dr. Jiu-Haw Yin
Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China)
Work Phone: +886-2-920726049
Email Address: ch9135@gmail.com

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