Sri Lanka 2010

Ministry of Health, Non-Communicable Disease Unit

1/10/2010 - 31/10/2010
Colombo and other districts, SRI LANKA
The Non-Communicable Disease Control Unit is the focal point in for Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control at the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka and is responsible for planning, implementation and coordinating non-communicable disease prevention activities. This year, we have planned several activities to mark World Stroke Day in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Stroke Association and other regional health authorities.

The following activities are planned for this month:

1. Media seminars for journalists
2. Awareness programs on risk factors and how to prevent stroke for general public at regional level with public health staff
3. Establishing a Stroke Rehabilitation Unit in one provincial hospital - in collaboration with the Stroke Association and regional health authorities
4. Mass media awareness on stroke prevention using electronic media
5. Initiating a salt reduction strategy in collaboration with other stakeholders, including baseline salt survey, advocacy meeting and amendments to food labeling regulation

Contact Details:
Ministry of Health, Non-Communicable Disease Unit
Dr. Karunapema Palitha
385 "Suwasiripaya" Baddegama Wimalawansa Thero Mawatha
Colombo 10 001
Work Phone: 0094 112669599
Home Phone: 0094 777708487
Fax: 0094 112669599
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Health Education Bureau, Ministry of Health

October 29 2010
Colombo, SRI LANKA
In collaboration with the Stroke Association and Non Communicable Disease Prevention Unit, the health education bureau will organize a seminar for media personnels working all over Sri lanka. The seminar will educate and advocate for the media on World Stroke Day, addressing the risk factors for stroke and the prevention of deadly complications.

There will be powerpoint presentations, video clips, fact sheet distribution and work sessions on stroke and complications.The professionals from Health and Social Welfare will conduct the sessions for media personels. Media professionals from the electronic and print, both, will join the seminar.The objective of this event is to publish, telecast and produce health education programmes on TV or newspapers to educate the general public on World Stroke Day, the 29th of October. They in turn, will educate the community through mass media.

We will print posters, banners and produce leaflets also on stroke prevention.
The chief guest will be the Honorable Minister of Heath Mr. Maithreepala Sirisena for the Stroke Day media seminar.

School health education programmes will be conducted throughout the month of October on stroke prevention.


Contact Details:
Health Education Bureau, Ministry of Health.
Dr. Uthpala P.M.T Amarasinghe
No2, Kynsey Road, Colombo 8, Sri Lanka
Colombo 8 -
Work Phone: 0094716843332 or 0094112696606
Home Phone: 0094112884885
Fax: 0094112692613
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National Stroke Associaiton of Sri Lanka

26/10/2010 - 29/10/2010
Countrywide, SRI LANKA

1. There will be a press conference held in collaboration with the Ministry of Health at the Health Education Bureau, Ministry of Health on Tuesday, 26.10.2010, with the participation of journalists representing both electronic and printed media.

2. Three social workers and counsellors will be appointed to three hospitals namely General Hospitals, Kalutara, Ratnapura and Anuradhapura. (There are no social workers employed at the MOH to serve stroke patients in Sri Lanka. As an activity to mark World Stroke Day 2009, three social workers and counsellors were appointed to three major hospitals in 2009. As a continuation of the same project three more will be appointed this year to three more hospitals)

3. A programme named "Physical Rehabilitation of Stroke Victims; A training programme for Nurses and Doctors" will be launched at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka on 29th October 2010. (The concept of this programme is based on the value of training doctors and nurses on basic physical rehabilitation techniques on a resource limited setting where there is a scarcity of physios, occupational and speech therapists in Sri Lanka. The resource persons of the three hour programme would be physio, occupational and speech therapists and a director for socials services. Audience would be the doctors and nurses of the hospital. The programme will be repeatedly carried out in most of the provinces of the Island over the course of year 2011)

4. There will be 1/2 - 1 hour several TV and radio discussions on stroke with the participation of neurologists as resource persons around the World Stroke Day.

5. The message of " One in Six" will be displayed on Easy TV in several TV channels on World Stroke Day

6. There are only two established stroke units in Sri Lanka. Establishment of stroke units have become extremely difficult owing to multitude of reasons. Therefore all neurologists were requested to reserve beds from their General Neurology beds for stroke patients to mark the World Stroke Day. The National Stroke Association of Sri Lanka would provide name board "Stroke Bed" for these beds.

Contact Details:
National Stroke Associaiton of Sri Lanka
Dr. Padma Sriyani Gunaratne
No. 6, SLMA House, Wijerama Mawatha Colombo 7
Colombo 005
Work Phone: 94 77 3170789
Home Phone: 94 11 2584325
E-mail Address:

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