Spain 2010

Spanish Stroke Group, Spanish Neurological Society

October 28 2010
We will award the National Stroke Prizes (11th edition). The winners will be:

Social Category: Mr. Alfredo Landa (very famous Spanish actor with more than 100 films performed). He is recovering from a stroke.
Institutional Category: World Stroke Organization
On 28 October, we will be awarding the prizes at a mass media conference which will be followed by a reception. Also, national and regional press releases will be sent out to the media and press conferences will be held in most major Spanish cities.

Date: Thursday, 28 October
Time: 10h30
Venue: Circulo de Lectores
Address: Calle O'Donnell, 10 - Madrid

For more information about the event, please contact:

- Eva Cuervo at tel: 91-702-1010 or 607-29-46-72
- Sara Sanchez at tel: 91-702-1010 or 686-49-2634


Contact Details:
Spanish Stroke Group, Spanish Neurological Society
Dr. Jaime Masjuan
Neurology Department, Stroke Unit, Carretera de Colmenar, KM 9.1
Madrid 28034
Work Phone: 34913368895
E-mail Address:
INVITATION TO EVENT- Thursday, 28 October, Madrid
Spain World Stroke Day 2010 advocacy pamphlet

Hospital USP Marbella

28/10/2010 - 29/10/2010
Marbella, SPAIN

Hospital USP Marbella will organise a press conference on 28 October during which Dr. Manio von Maravic, Head of the Neurology Unit in the hospital, will talk about the signs to recognise a stroke, risk factors and recommended actions both for prevention and for treatment.

On 29 October, World Stroke Day, Hospital USP Marbella will set-up an information desk in the most popular shopping mall in Marbella (La Cañada), where Dr. von Maravic and his Neurology team will be available to answer questions from the public.

The aim of this awareness campaign is to provide information about how to recognise a stroke and the urgency with which stroke must be treated.

Marbella's population includes not only Spanish nationals but also a large number of residents of all nationalities.


Contact Details:
Hospital USP Marbella
Ms. Isabel Garcia Imhof
Avda. Severo Ochoa, 22
Marbella 29603
Work Phone: +34952774200
E-mail Address:


October 29 2010
Barcelona, SPAIN

Stroke Day has been held for four years in Catalonia, coinciding with the 29th of October in the last two occasions, organized by the Fundació Ictus and the Stroke Program of the Health Catalan Department. In 2010. Stroke Day will be very special as it will be the presentation by the RAPID Campaign

The acronym RAPID is an adaptation of the English FAST (FACE, Arm, Speech, Time) to our language, Catalan. A very important element of the campaign is the continuation of the exhibition about stroke ¨What´s on your Mind? ¨, initiated last month in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca.

"What´s in your head?"

The traveling exhibit "What's in your head?" is designed to raise awareness of the public about what a stroke is, how a non-expert can help in diagnosis and treatment, and what measures can prevent the occurrence of both stroke and its sister disease, the myocardial infarction.

The exhibition places special emphasis on those visiting the exhibition, both in the social aspect, because they can save a life with their performance. It also places importance on maintaining a balanced diet, exercise or controlling physical risk factors (cholesterol, hypertension). There is a specific space dedicated to this issue, where they perform simple health examinations, to make the risk factors (BMI, blood pressure, ask about healthy habits (diet, exercise, not smoking), and where they are given appropriate advice.

This is an interactive exhibition where visitors will find different areas where they have to interact with different elements that provide information about the extent and consequences of the disease at all levels, how to act and how to prevent it. At the end of the tour, the performance of interactive games is evaluated, which allows visitors to buy a diploma "lifeline" and an item of merchandise as long as your score is enough. At all times the visitor is guided by a monitor that will facilitate the conduct of the games and to clarify any questions they may have. The monitors are especially chosen for the exhibition and are of a suitable profile for the topic in question. This allows us to get the visitor to go home having truly learned the message of the exhibition.

We evaluated the knowledge gained in an online survey carried out with 1329 people at the end of the exhibition. 190 people left their personal information for further evaluation at 6 months, which is currently underway.

So far there have been two itineraries in two cities, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, where more than 5,000 people in 15 days. Between November and December 2010, itineraries were carried out in other populations of Catalonia. We are looking for new funding to continue in 2011

Contact Details:
Passatge Flaugier 30-32 1º
Barcelona 08041
Work Phone: +34935513893
E-mail Address:

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