Saudi Arabia 2010

Saudi Stroke Association

28/10/2010 - 29/10/2010
Red Sea Mall, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Stroke Awareness Day proposal
Jeddah 2010

Objectives and goals:

Raising the overall public awareness concerning the field of stroke.
Educate and train medical students to play their role in improving public health.
Ensure continuity and sustainability of the awareness day in the western province and in the Kingdom as a whole.
Work as a team to make a DIFFERENCE
Project plan and description
It is a two-day activity with five (5) hours allocated each day in a public area. Expected good surface with three stations having specific messages. In addition, there will be two audiovisual screens in between stations. There will approximately be 40 active participants each time with instructors and backup stroke experts.

First station

Theme: "Let's learn the signs and symptoms of stroke"
In this station, the public will be educated about the signs and symptoms of stroke and will receive companion advocacy brochures and flyers.

Second station

Theme: "Am I at risk for stroke? How can I know?"
In this station, the public will know their risk for stroke and how they can prevent it. Tables for blood pressure measuring, blood sugar, body mass index and carotid bruit survey will take Place. Smoking cessations and regular exercise will be encouraged (discounted endocrine clinic visits)

Third station

Theme: "I have a stroke patient! Rehabilitation awareness"
In this station the public will view a video about rehabilitation issues and will be provided with companion advocacy brochures and flyers.

Details: in all stations, 5-7 instructors will be present with 2-3 as a backup on need.

Visual support: This is a continuous presentation supported by bulletin information and accompanied by pictures and videos.

Questionnaire (simple survey)

In this station, the participant will be assessed by completing questionnaires, evaluating the knowledge he/she has gained after attending the exhibit.

Media coverage

There will be media coverage throughout the entire event.

Educational materials

This will be supported by the Saudi Stroke Association. Materials will be in Arabic (brochures and flyers); WSO English educational materials will be used as well.

The place, space & time

Jeddah Red SEA mall, Ground floor in a space of approximately 10x15 meters

5:00pm to 10:00pm Thursday, 28 October 2010
5:00pm to 10:00pm, Friday, 29 October 2010

The logo

We took the liberty this year of adapting the WSO 2010 campaign poster with minor modifications in the language and with some sponsored logos.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Wesam Abuznada MD MEd FRCS(C) RPVI
Dr. Rumaiza Alyafeai MBBs, Senior Neurology Resident
Dr. Seraj Makkawi MBBs, Neurology Resident
Dr. Ahmad Basindwa MBBs, Neurology Resident
Dr. Randa Alyafeai, 6th year medical student

Contact Details:
Saudi Stroke Association
Dr. Rumaiza Hussien Alyafeai
P.O. Box 8312 Jeddah 21482
Work Phone: 00966540626738
E-mail Address:,

Saudi Stroke Association

25/10/2010 - 29/10/2010
Countrywide, SAUDI ARABIA
The Association will conduct a public education activity on the World Stroke Day (WSD), at end of October. 2010.

Theme of the WSD is:

One out of six, which means:
Every 6 seconds there is a stroke death world wide.
One out of six people will have stroke at a life time, it could be you.

The activity will take place in different cities across the country:

Central region, Riyadh: Thursday, October 29, 2010, 4-10 PM., Ghornatah mall. There will be public education on stroke symptoms, treatment and prevention.

Western region, Jeddah: Thursday and Friaday, October 28-29, 2010., 4-10 PM., Red Sea Mall. There will be different stations, where mass education on different aspects of stroke will be conducted, aided by audiovisual material.

Eastern region, Al-Khobar: Wednesday and Thursday. October 27-28, 2010., at Al-Rashid Mall. There will be public education along with lectures for general physicians.

Southern region, Jazan, at King Fahd Central Hospital: Wedneday, October 20, 2010. Ninth Scientific Stroke Awareness Day. This is the annual scientific awareness day, and this year will be part of World Stroke Day. The scientific program contains sessions on different aspect of stroke ..

Southern region, Khamis Mushait: Monday, October 25. 2010. Khamis Mushait Military Hospital.
A grand round lecture on the WSD theme one in six.

Southern region, Abha: Thursday, October 28, 2010, Asser Mall. There will be public education activity with audiovisual contents.

All of the above activities are covered by different forms of media, including newspapers, magazines, national and private televisionnetworks and through a specialiazed satelliet TV concerned with public health.


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