Poland 2010

Stroke Fundation

October 29 2010
- On 29 October, during the national conference "First Lodzkie Forum Udarowe", the Stroke Fundation will officially launch its website and start a nationwide campaign "StopUdarom.pl" ( Stop Stroke). On that day, we will run a special page on our website where everyone will be able to find information about stroke, what a big public health problem it has become, what the risk factors are, and what we should do to reduce the occurrence of stroke.

"First Lodzkie Forum Udarowe" in Lodz (second biggest town in Poland). We want Lodz to become the center of World Stroke Day on that day in Poland. We have invited many eminent physicians, physiotherapists, nurses and other specialists and guests with whom we would like to think about how to prevent actively the growing incidence of stroke in Poland.The topics at our conference will also include discussions on how to improve medical care for stroke patients.

Website: www.fum.info.pl
Contact Details:
Stroke Foundation
Mr. Adam Siger
Milionowa 14
Lodz 93-113
Work Phone: 691055686
E-mail Address: info@fum.info.pl

World Stroke Organization

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