Grupo Stroke del Peru


Grupo Stroke del Peru, a scientific nonprofit civil association, in co-organization with Rotary International and the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Neurologicas, organized different activities in Peru.

The campaign reinforced that women are at more risk of having a stroke, prevention and early treatment. The activities were:

Messages through artists:
Renowned Peruvian singers of cumbia, folk and alternative music communicated to population by spots in social networks.

Medical campaigns:
In Lima, Cusco, Piura and Chiclayo we organized medical campaigns at main popular places. We gave educational talks, shared brochures and measured blood pressure to more than 600 people.

At soccer matches:
We participated in the 10th date of Professional Soccer National Championship (eight games). Players wore T-shirts with campaign slogans. We showed banners with messages as: “the only loser in this game is stroke” and the referee showed a red card and said “get out to stroke”.

Ballon launch:
Renowned Peruvian singers, like “Guajaja” made an artistic show giving happiness to people. He launched the first sky lantern balloon with a message to the heaven: “knock out to stroke, YES WE CAN”.

During the whole campaign we covered the activities with press releases, TV, radio and social networks.

Youtube video link:

Contact Details

Grupo Stroke del Peru
Dr. Carlos Abanto
Lima, Peru
Work Phone: 51 998543158
Email Address:

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