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Our Association, from the next day after organizing the “WORLD STROKE DAY-2012”, have started preparing the plan for the organization of a next stroke day. In accordance with this plan, we have organized the following 4 seminars, which involved over 1200 doctors and hospital workers on: -Clinical guidelines for acute brain stroke; -Methods of diagnosis of a stroke; -Organization and activities of a acute stroke center; -Coping together against stroke. Starting from 2013, within the framework of cooperation between the World Health Organization and MCC, there was launched the registration of a stroke at 2 central clinical hospitals and 1 district hospital. Based on the analysis of a stroke registration for the first half of 2013, we have made the presentation on the topic of“Analysis of a stroke registration” during the International conference, organized in Ulaanbaatar. In the beginning of 2013, we have announced the countrywide competition on “Best organizer of a movement against stroke” among hospitals and medical personnel, in which have participated the clinical hospitals of Dornod, Bulgan and Darkhan aimags (provinces) and the 1st and 3rd central clinical hospitals and there were the around 1.5 million people. We have introduced the new membership of association for ordinary people and patients with stroke , prepared the special program for them and started assisting them through giving consultations, solving their social issues together and etc. In order to enhance the knowledge of stroke treatment and diagnosis, we have elaborated the booklets and manuals for ordinary people and primary health care doctors of hospitals and started distributing them for advertisement. We have been continuously cooperating with TV channels and media by means of organizing press conferences, publicizing activities and consultations, during which, proposed to the Ministry of Health and Government to pay more attention and render assistance in organizing the activities on informing the general public and organizations on the fact that the occurrences and risks of a stroke are not reducing, as well as establishing of stroke units and invited all media to cooperate more closely on our efforts. The “WORLD STROKE DAY-2013” was organized on October 13th , in cooperation with different medical organizations, TV, media, Cardiovascular Association, Diabetes Association, MoH and WHO and involved numerous people and hospitals and the participating hospitals sent us their reports. To summarize, the “WORLD STROKE DAY-2013” was organized successfully, involving the around 1.5 million people from Ulaanbaatar city, Dornod, Bulgan, Selenge and Darkhan aimags (provinces) and it is becoming the tradition to organize this event every year, involving more and more people and organizations.

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Mongolian Stroke Association
Dr. Amarbayasgalan Ravdan
Dr. Amarbayasgalan Ravdan
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