Iniciativa WSC 2013 México


We have planned a lot of activities for the WSD this year. Starting since the beginning of September we have been working along other centers in Mexico encouraging them to participate during the day with lectures to the patients, spreading information towards patients as well as other activities. In the state of Nuevo León we have been collaborating again with the state health authorities in order to organize another state wide awareness campaign. From the data obtained from the survey conducted last year, we will modify our approach to make more emphasis on the early recognition of stroke signs, which according to our survey was were more people had difficulties. Also, this year we will launch a campaign with the purpose of the timely detection of atrial fibrillation, an important cause of cardioembolic stroke. This campaign, roughly translated into English as “feel the rhythm of your heart, check your pulse!” will encourage people to self asses their heartbeats and go to their doctors who will refer the patients to us for a complete work up. We hope to detect somewhere around 400+ new undiagnosed Atrial fibrillation. We will also broadcast during October 25 and October 29 a lecture that will reach to most of Rural primary care centers in the state; this two lectures aim to further train primary care physician in the early detection of stroke and subsequent actions that should be undertaken for an optimal stroke care. On October 27 we have scheduled a walk in order to raise awareness for the fight against stroke. On October 28 we will celebrate the one year anniversary of the support group for stroke patients and their family which was launched during last year campaign. During October 29 we have chosen strategic areas were we will be distributing flyers and leaflets to promote awareness about stroke, its risk factors and early signs. Last but not least, on November 1st we will have for the fourth time the traditional course about prehospital and nurse care of stroke, where we recognize the heavy importance that team work plays when we are taking care of a Stroke patient, from the early and accurate identification of stroke by the EMTs to the continuing evaluation and correct care provided from the stroke unit nurse. Lastly, but are in the process of uploading small videos called “stroke facts” where we give information in easily understandable chunks so people can learn more of stroke, how to prevent it, how to recognized it and to dispel some common myths in our population surrounding the disease, like for example, that stroke causes always headache, so that no headache means no need for medical attention. We expect to have a great campaign this year, and we are always happy to provide our “grain of salt” towards the prevention of stroke.

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Iniciativa WSC 2013 México
Prof. Fernando Gongora-Rivera
Prof. Walter Muruet Gutierrez
Av. Francisco I Madero sin Número, Monterrey, Nuevo León
Work Phone: (52)8183337313
E-mail Address:
Website: wscmexico.weebly,com/

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