Malawi 2010

Homerton University Hospital

October 29
Malawi, Africa article in newspaper with WSO posters

My name is Emmie Malewezi Stroke specialist nurse working in London.

I come from Malawi and each year when I visit Malawi, I get saddened by the number of friends and family having stroke. Here in UK, there is a lot of information available about stroke but when I ask friends and family about stroke in Malawi, people don't seem to understand what it is and how to prevent it.

Since I am not in Malawi at this present time, I have decided to join in this campaign for Malawi by putting something in the main newspapers about this campaign ("1in 6" posters) and a few things people can do to prevent stroke. This will appear in the newspapers on 29th Oct 2010.

I feel even though its not something major but at least it is a start and people will read it on the day.

Thank you.

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