School of Rehabilitation, Tehran University of Medical Sciences


Our event on world stroke day, 29th October 2014, to increase the knowledge and awareness on stroke will be marked with stroke survivors, stroke rehabilitation team, and students at the Physiotherapy Clinic, school of Rehabilitation, Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran. Programs include lectures on facts about stroke, warning signs of stroke, prevention, and rehabilitation. In order to increase public awareness on stroke, educational articles will be published in a national highly circulated weekly newspaper. We will also provide various placards on world stroke day as a means to enhance public awareness on stroke and to promote social support to facilitate coping with life of stroke survivors.

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School of Rehabilitation, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Prof Noureddin Nakhostin Ansari
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Work Phone: +98 21 77533939
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USWR Stroke Campaign


To take a more active responsibility in our society as a social ‎worker, we decided to work on Stroke and get people informed through a campaign. We initially ‎wrote a proposal - containing the wishes, mission, goals, procedures and organization- to our ‎University for getting required support and admission. ‎
What we have done:‎
• Utilizing an interprofessional collaboration with students of social work, physiotherapy, ‎occupational therapy, speech therapy, sociology, medical science, technical orthopedic.‎
• Attending a workshop over general information of stroke presented by a neurologist,‎
• Attending a workshop over communication skills,‎
• Preparing brochures and posters regarding to Iran condition and based on valid online ‎resources.‎

What we are planning to do:‎

• Sensitizing students and employees of University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (USWR) on Stroke risk factors, signs and actions,‎
• Explaining general information and the F.A.S.T through a face-to-face communication ‎
• Distributing brochures
• Distributing symbolically Bananas as a fruit for Stroke prevention

USWR Stroke Campaign members:
Foroogh Elyasi,student of Social Work
Parisa Mahdavi, student of Speech Therapy
Neshat Ahmadi, student of Occupational Therapy
Mohammad Abdolahzade, student of Speech Therapy
Pegah Kashfi, student of Physiotherapy
Maryam Alipoor, student of Technical Orthopedic
Fateme Esmaeili, student of Speech Therapy
Ali Ganjizadeh, student of Medicine‎

Contact Details

USWR Stroke Campaign
Ms foroogh elyasi
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Work Phone: 00989376550853
Email Address:


World Stroke Organization

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