Yayasan Stroke Indonesia


As part of world stroke day campaign, Yayasan Stroke Indonesia will held an event on October 29, 2014. Yayasan Stroke Indonesia continuously every year having this event to raise awareness, support and encourage post stroke patients and citizens to know more about stroke.
This year theme will follow world stroke organization theme which is "I am a woman. Stroke affects me campaign." we will have a seminar talking about stroke and risk factor, risk factor screening (diabetes, hypertension,..) and an exhibition by post stroke patient who create a wonderful art with all the disability. Hopefully this activity can raise people awareness and help the prevention of stroke in the Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

Contact Details

Yayasan Stroke Indonesia
Dr. Nanda Adhitama
Jakarta, Indonesia
Work Phone: +62811852274
Email Address: strokeindonesia29@gmail.com

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