Stroke Association Support network-Ghana formally known as Stroke Support Network Ghana.Is an advocacy , awareness and prevention organization against Stroke . Dr. Ben Jabuni being the President of the Organization.As part of our program to mark this year World Stroke Day in Ghana.where this is the second time, the day is been observe in Ghana by the Stroke Association Support network-Ghana.There are a number of line up activities for the event. The event will start with a WALK (walk against stroke) through the principal street of the city ,where students involved in the walk would display various placards with inscriptions on it to inform the general public about the disease.
The program will be followed by a free screening on Blood Pressure, Glucose test,cholesterol test and Body Mass Index to check Obesity.
There will be poem recital on stroke from some selected school kid who will act as an ambassadors.The event will end with a lecture on Stroke by one of the counties astute medical professionals.

Stroke Association Support Network-Ghana ,as part of our mandate to educate and inform Ghanaians on the the dangers on stroke and how is can change ones quality of life to a worse dependable state of life .it has be our responsibility to break the cultural myths surrounding the disease; stroke.
Stroke Association support network Ghana ,we are committed by integrating the native believe and cultures and apply modern ways of healthy living to avoid the disease in ones life. where these approach will minimize high rate of dependency burden on the family and the society as a whole which sometime brings about economic challenges in the family and the society.

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World Stroke Organization

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The Post Stroke Checklist
Improving Life After Stroke

Developed to focus on the need for improved long-term stroke management.

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