World Stroke Day 2017

World Stroke Day - October 29th provides an annual opportunity for stroke stakeholders to coordinate awareness and advocacy campaigns and build commitment to reducing the burden of stroke at global, regional and local level.

By creating a global platform from which we can speak out, World Stroke Day amplifies our individual voices and brings more people into the conversation about stroke prevention treatment and support.

What’s your reason for preventing stroke?

  • 90% of all strokes are linked to 10 key risk factors

  • 1 in 6 of us will suffer a stroke in our lifetime

  • We all have good reasons to prevent stroke

This year the World Stroke Day campaign is focused on risk awareness and prevention. We are calling on everyone – individuals, families, communities, health professionals and governments – to raise awareness of key stroke risks and take action to prevent stroke.

What you can do

You can use World Stroke Day as a focal point for local prevention campaigns. Think about ways in which you can:

  • provide evidence-based information about stroke risk in your country/locality

  • advocate for population based approaches to prevention

  • help individuals to assess their stroke risk factors, such as blood pressure checks, referral to the Stroke Riskometer

  • develop or share existing information about lifestyle change and provide signposts to local advice and support services

How we can help

Visit our Campaign Resources section to find out more about the campaign and to access key messages and resources that will help with your World Stroke Day Campaign communication.

Share your plans for World Stroke Day with us so we can put it on the World Stroke Day Map.

If you want to be part of a local event, or to organize something in your community, please contact your local WSO member organization and ask them if how you can help.

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