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China has a population of 1.4 billion, in which nearly half are female. The updated epidemiology data indicates that there are higher prevalence of intracranial artery stenosis and CVT in females in China. In accordance with the theme of WSD this year “I am a woman”, and emphasis on “decrease the incidence and improve the care of minor stroke” by the Chinese government, more than 10,000 physicians participated in various activities, regarding public health education about “I am a woman” all over China. More people are getting knowledge of the severity of “women stroke” and the importance of prevention. Meanwhile, having people know what should be done once they have any stroke symptoms in emergency.

A big promotion event was held by CSA in Beijing on Oct 29th 2015, and during the whole week of WSD, led by CSA, and approx. 1,000 campaigns such as health consultation, free physical test, “Walking & Running”, and posters and video promotion were taken by over 10,000 medical staff coming from the 861 hospitals in the 123 cities of the 32 province, including about 8410 members from “Red Bracelet volunteer service group of CSA”. Awarded 104 excellent papers and 24 videos from 100,000 applications. Meanwhile, we have got the strong media support from CCTV, BTV, and nationwide newspaper etc. CSA has delivered 3,000 popular science books and 330,000 educational materials. More than a billion of the Chinese people have got the basic information of the stroke.

Being a developing country, most of the Chinese people have little knowledge and the awareness of the stroke, especially in the poor areas. The Chinese government has been putting much more attention and effort on the public education about the signs and prevention of stroke. The Ministry of Health, National Science Institute, Chinese Stroke Association, Chinese Prevention Society, and National Stroke Prevention Office have been working together to promote WSD this year in China, and to ensure the education materials and information are popular and understandable for the public.

Taking the advantages of the strong networking of the China Stroke Center Alliance (CSCA), the “National Neurological Disease Research Center” and Chinese Stroke Association,(CSA) about
1,000 hospitals have been involved in the WSD promotion campaigns. Media have been a great support during the whole period of the WSD campaigns all over the China, such as interviews on TV, reports on the newspaper and the internet, as well as the public education App on the mobile.

See pictures from CSA’s World Stroke Day:

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