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Hungary - Stroke Awareness Online Diagnostic Competition

29.10.2018 - InSimu

InSimu Patient is an interactive medical education app with simulated virtual patients designed to help medical students and physicians practice clinical diagnostic work anytime, anywhere.

InSimu fills a gap in medical professional education. We give an unprecedented tool in the hands of the medical students and physicians to practice their clinical work on their own, in the safety of virtual patients with the full scale of diagnostic methods. We provide them with an infinite number of virtual patients and 450+ diagnostic tests to choose from at all times. All diagnostic tests have realistic cost and time associated, which, together with the objective scoring system, teach the users to the correct, cost and time efficient, evidence-based diagnosis.

Mimicking all possible aspects of real-life diagnostics, InSimu changes the way of thinking and way of learning of young doctors.

With the new Stroke Competition we want to contribute to the work of the global campaign, World Stroke Day.

How does the competition work?

You will have 5 different virtual patients with different neurological signs. To spice up the situation, you will be on your own with the results of the imaging tests: there will be no “Impression”, you will have to go through all the details and find out, what is the bigger picture! Your task is to work out the correct diagnosis for all the 5 virtual patients.

Need some help on how the app works? Check this demo video:

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