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Mongolia - WSDay 2018 in Mongolia

29.10.2018 - Mongolian Stroke Association

According to our plan, we aimed to do a wide range of activities towards remarking the Stroke Day. The following works:

1.We have translated  in the Mongolian language and distributed the brochures and posters from World Stroke Campaign to all hospitals.

2.We sent   the letter to Minister  D.Sarangerel  of Ministry of Health of Mongolia  about Third United Nations High-Level Meeting on NCDs, which was held later this year on 27 September 2018.

3. We have also organized a conference under the theme “ the trend of treatment diagnosis of stroke in Mongolia”. In this conference participated 200 neurologist and other physicians.

4. We held a meeting with the Ministry of Health of Mongolia and the Ministry of Health made a decision to hold a two week campaign against stroke during the second quarter of October of every year.

5. Board members of the Mongolian Stroke Association and Mongolian Neurologist Association held a meeting and discussed about how to organize the Word Stroke Day more efficiently and productively. We met the director of Public Health Department, Mrs.Narantuya, and we reached to a consensus on mutual collaboration.

Department of Public Health has agreed to collaborate with us on hosting the World Stroke Day. We met minister of health of Mongolia, and minister of health agreed upon organizing a campaign against brain stroke. Ministry of Health of Mongolia has made a decision to run a campaign against brain stroke in every second half of October annually. We have held a joint meeting. 

6. We held a press conference, which has a theme “What’s your reason for preventing stroke?” at the TV25 TV station. Correspondents from 14 TV stations came to interview and broadcast our activity. During this press conference, we transmitted important messages about what is brain stroke, what are the risk factors of stroke, and what kind of risk factors are dominant in Mongolia, as well as how to identify an sign of stroke (FAST) as soon as possible. 

These TV stations have broadcasted stroke campaign activity for two days. In addition, we made an announcement about agenda of the stroke campaign. After the press conference, the board members of the Mongolian Stroke Association participated in TV programs of several TV stations, such as National TV of Mongolia, Mongol TV, ETV, and etc. During these TV programs addressed about why we need prevent from stroke, how we need to prevent from stroke, how can we diagnose stroke efficiently. The number of people, which participated in this stroke campaign, is estimated about 1.5 million.

7.We made short video film for stroke and telecasted  on TV during the October.

8. We participated  as speaker to 5 th Symposium on Collaterals to the Brain.

9.We remarked the Word Stroke Day, and in the frame of this activity we provided people with free diagnosing service in public hospitals of Ulaanbaatar city and distributed booklet about to prevent from stroke. We also received news that countryside hospitals remarked the Stroke day successfully too. In our estimation, totally 870 people were enrolled in Stroke Day activity.

In conclusion, the Stroke Day-2018 have been remarked very successfully than previous years. Totally, more than 1.5 million people were enrolled to this Stroke Day activity.

Contact Details

Mongolian Stroke Association
Member World Stroke Organization
Prof Ravdan Amarbayasgalan
Sukhbaatar district
Ulaanbaatar 28 hospitals of Ulaanbaatar and countryside  54\70 Mongolia

Work Phone: 976-99098584
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