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Mongolia - The letter to Minister D.Sarangerel of Ministry of Health of Mongolia

18.09.2018 - Mongolian Stroke Association

Dear Minister D. Sarangerel ,

I am writing on behalf of Mongolian Stroke Association to ask Ministry of Health to commit to take action on the prevention and treatment of stroke and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) ahead of the Third United Nations High-Level Meeting on NCDs, which will be held later this year on 27 September 2018.

At this UN High-Level Meeting (UN HLM), governments will review progress and make commitments to accelerate national action on NCDs, which pose a heavy burden in all countries.  It is clear from current trajectories that unless urgent action is taken now the world will fall far short of the 30% reduction in premature deaths from NCDs by 2020. This meeting provides an opportunity to make a real difference nationally and globally, and it is critical that Minister  D.Sarangerel  of Ministry of Health of Mongolia  attend and agree on urgent actions to prevent NCDs, including stroke, and to ensure access to timely and effective treatment.

As a stroke organization we would also call for specific commitment and action in relation to stroke. Globally, stroke took the lives of 5.5m people and accounted for 116m DALYs in 2016 alone. Stroke shares risk factors with several other NCDs including cardiovascular diseases, dementias and cancers. In Mongolia stroke remains a significant issue that our country  have high incident and mortality of stroke among the world countries and risk factors, such as prevalence of tobacco consumption, obesity or insufficient physical activity  and national salty tea and fatty food.

Commitment and coordination to address NCDs and stroke will be critical to turning the tide on premature mortality from NCDs by 2030 and is fundamental to the achievement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3. Specific government actions that we call on you to advance include:

·         The development of integrated national and regional strategies to deliver the health-related Sustainable Development Goals, in particular the reduction of premature NCDs by 30% by 2030.

·         Recognition of NCDs including stroke as a national priority and strengthening of programs to increase public awareness of stroke symptoms, stroke risk factors and prevention, and the consequences of stroke.

·         Removal of financial barriers to prevention and detection of NCDs through universal health coverage, access to essential medicines and devices including stroke units and recanalization treatment as an evidence-based policy.

Contact Details

Mongolian Stroke Association
Member World Stroke Organization
Prof Ravdan Amarbayasgalan
Mongolian State first Hospital
Ulaanbaatar Sukhbaatar district  54\70 Mongolia

Work Phone: 976-99098584
Email Address:

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