China 2010

Beijing Bo Ai Hospital And China Rehabilitation Research Center

29/10/2010 - 29/10/2010
Beijing, CHINA
I plan to hold a healthcare education forum on stroke for communities in Fengtai District, Beijing, on World Stroke Day 2010. We will invite neurologists to present lectures. Topics discussed will include stroke prevention, stroke risks, treatment of acute stroke, rehabilitation for stroke survivors, etc. At the same time, surveys will be conducted on stroke prevention.
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Beijing Bo Ai Hospital and China Rehabilitation Research Center
Dr. Jun Zhao
No.10, Jiaomen North Road, Fengtai District, Beijing, China 100068
Beijing 100068
Work Phone: 8610-87569491
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The First Affiliated Hospital Of Zheng Zhou University

October 29
ZhengZhou, CHINA
"One in Six" in China.

With a huge population, there are an estimated 1.5 million new stroke patients in China each year.

On World Stroke Day 2010, we have chosen Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, to organize World Stroke Day activities. Since Henan is the most populous province in China, our objective is to improve public stroke awareness and improve neurological diagnosis and treatment skills.

There are two sessions scheduled in Zheng Zhou on World Stroke Day:

  1. Public education sessions, and;
  2. Neurology educational sessions


- We will provide free stroke-risk evaluations for each participant. This will include: current health situation of the participant; blood pressure (whether the person is a smoker or not), risk for cardiac disease and predicted stroke risk in the next 10 years.

- We have also invited 15 neurological specialists from the different hospitals in Henan province to perform stroke consultations and provide information on stroke prevention/treatment and long-term care and support.


We have invited Prof. Andrei Alexandrov, the editor of the Internal Journal of Stroke and associate editor Prof. Ann Alexandrov to give a lecture on stroke treatments, including and blood pressure management. We have also invited local speakers to share their stroke treatment and recovery experience.

The detailed agenda are as follow:

Public education session

Venue:Outpatient Department Building Lobby

No.1 Hospital of Zhengzhou University

8:30 Stroke risk evaluation

9:00 Opening Ceremony/ Opening Speech

9:30-11:30 Free Stroke Consultations

Neurology educational sessions

Venue: 21st floor conference room, No.1 Hospital of Zhengzhou unviversity

10:30 Ceremony/Opening Speech

11:00 Therapeutic targets in stroke treatment and recovery: Prof. Andrei Alexandrov

12:00 Management of Blood Pressure in Acute Stroke Prof. Ann Alexandrov

13:00 Break

13:30 MoA of Cerebrolysin: Dr. Pawel Ciesielczyk

14:00 Prof. XuYuMing, lecture

14:30 Local speaker lecture

15:00 Local speaker lecture

15:30 Local speaker lecture

16:00 End of session

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The First Affiliated Hospital of Zheng Zhou University
Prof. YuMing Xu
No.1 JianShe Road East
Zheng Zhao 450052
He Nan
Work Phone: +86371-66913290
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Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital

October 29
Guangzhou City, CHINA
The Neurology Department, established in 1958 at the Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital has been providing services in China for over 100 years. The department is dedicated to treating patients with various kinds of neurological diseases, especially stroke.

As the “One in Six” theme highlight the fact that in today’s world, one in six people worldwide will have a stroke in their lifetime, we have organized a series activities to team-up with the World Stroke Organization:

1. With the support from the leaders of the hospital, we established a Green Road for stroke patients by coordinating with emergency room, radiology department, intervention department, neurosurgery department and the lab analysis department. Therefore, we are 100% able to keep the duration from hospital admission to the beginning of clinical treatment less than 1.5 hours.

2. To reduce the time delay outside hospital, we have set-up a service hot-line (86)-20-34400368 for patients having acute cerebrovascular events 24/7.

3. On the World Stroke Day, we will sign the cooperative contracts with thirteen community hospitals in Guangzhou, trying to establish a two-way transferring mode of patients. As a result, the acute patients are assured to receive the proper treatment in time in our hospital and the patients can begin the community rehabilitation at a very early stage in community hospitals.

4. Moreover, on World Stroke Day, we will hold a series of lectures for doctors from community hospitals, making sure that community doctors are aware of the importance of the standard treatment for acute stroke.
Contact Details:
Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital
Dr. Yi Li
#369, Tongfu Zhong Rd, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Guangzhou City 510220
Work Phone: (86-)20-34403770, (86-)20-34403772
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