Brazil 2010

Brazilian Academy Of Neurology/Brazilian Stroke Society/Brazilian Stroke Network

24/10/2010 - 29/10/2010
In the main cities of Brazil, in all States
Brazilian Academy of Neurology, Brazilian Stroke Society and Brazilian Stroke network are organizing a National Week against Stroke in October from 24 to 29. The Program will be the same in all country:

Sunday (24/10): Opening
National Walk Against Stroke
- Campaign standard T- Shirts
- Circuit defined in each locality
- Support from City Hall
- Support from National pre-hospital Emergency Medical Service (SAMU)
- Media Coverage

Monday (25/10): Prevention
- Educational program on the radio about stroke prevention
- Lecture to general practitioners and family health program (FHP)

Tuesday (26/10): Recognition And Pre-hospital Care
- Educational program on the radio about stroke recognition of stroke and pre-hospital emergency medical service
- Lecture to prehospital emergency medical service and other prehospital services
Wednesday (27/10): Hospital Care
- Educational program on the radio about acute stroke care
- Conference for Neurologists, Emergency physicians, intensive care physicians, cardiologists
Thursday (28/10): Rehabilitation
- Educational program on the radio about rehabilitation
- Conference for physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, neurologists, clinicians
Friday (29/10): World Stroke Day
- Focus on media about stroke in television, newspaper and radio.
-Television educational program about stroke
- Lecture to the population about Stroke
- Points of information about stroke for the population, with videos, distribution of brochures, checking blood pressure in parks, malls, bookstores, beaches and hospitals.
- Medical teleconference between Brazilian and Spanish centers
- Lecture for health authorities about stroke
Contact Details:
Brazilian Academy of Neurology/Brazilian Stroke Society/Brazilian Stroke Network
Dr. Jamary, Gabriel, Sheila Oliveira-Filho, de Freitas, Martins
Rua Itorora, 211 sala 307
Brazil 90110290
Work Phone: 55 51 32352714
Fax: 55 51 32352714
E-mail Address:

Neurovascular Program UNICAMP

23/10/2010 - 29/10/2010
Campinas, BRAZIL
We are planning to put up 800 posters in the public transport system in our metropolitan region, which comprises over 1.2 million people.

- On 23 October, we will launch the Campaign at a music venue - Rock Stroke ("Detonando
AVC") with 4 rock bands aiming to raise awareness about stroke among the general public and
especially targeting young people in our city. Monies raised will be used towards future
actions in the fight against stroke in our city.

- On 27 October, two days prior to World Stroke Day, we will have a media desk available for
journalists and the general public. This will take place from 9:30 to 12:30 at the Faculty of
Medical Sciences and will be broadcasted on the internet. Go to:

This will allow wider coverage and interaction with people who live in distant locations. We hope
that this will provide the support and incentive for journalists to write articles about the fight
against stroke on 29 October - World Stroke Day.

Contact Details:
Neurovascular Program UNICAMP
Prof. Li M Li
Departamento de Neurologia R Tessália Vieira de Camargo S/N FCM - UNICAMP
Campinas 13083-970
Work Phone: 55 19 35217292
E-mail Address:

Liga Academica De Neurologia E Neurocirurgia De Pernambuco

25/10/2010 - 29/10/2010
Recife, BRAZIL
The Pernambuco Student League for Neurology and Neurosurgery (Liga Academica de Neurologia e Neurocirurgia de Pernambuco, LANNPE) will be taking part on the World Stroke Week activities by promoting educational activities and Blood Pressure measurement in its hometown, Recife - Brazil. Activities will primarily take place at the Federal University of Pernambuco's Hospital das Clinicas and at the Parque da Jaqueira, on the 28th and 29th of October, 2010. We expect to approach aprox. 2000 people, including healthcare professionals, students, patients and the general public.


Liga Academica De Neurologia E Neurocirurgia De Aragua­na

October 29
Aragua­ina, BRAZIL
The Araguai­na Student League for Neurology and Neurosurgery (Liga Academica de Neurologia e Neurocirurgia de Araguai­na - TO, LANNA) will be taking part on World Stroke Day activities through educational approaches to the general public, military police and health professionals, also measurement of blood pressure, weight, height and waist circumference in our hometown, Aragua­na - Tocantins - Brazil.

Activities will primarily take place at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Health of Araguaina (Faculdade de Ciencias Humanas, Economicas e da Saude de Araguai­na, ITPAC/FAHESA) in the 28th with a lecture about prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of stroke, to the healthcare students and professionals (medical, nursing and pharmacy).

On 29 October, we will start at the headquarters of the military police of the State of Tocantins, and then go to the Neblina avenue and approaching people through educational activities by the identification and intervention in modifiable risk factors of stroke. We expect to approach approximately 1,500 people including healthcare professionals, students, military force and general public.
Contact Details:
Liga Academica de Neurologia e Neurocirurgia de Araguai­na
Prof. José Robero L. Rivero
Avenida Filadélfia, numero 568, Setor Oeste
Araguaina 77816540
Work Phone: 55 63 3411 8500
E-mail Address:

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