Bosnia-Herzegovina 2010

Clinical Center Of Banjaluka

October 29 2010

  1. We are planning some advocacy activities such as printing posters about stroke, pamphlets, etc.
  2. We will be invited guests on television and radio stations on World Stroke Day (29 October) and will also be organizing a public event for people to check their blood pressure and sugar level.
  3. We will offer courses in neurology and lectures for general practitioner medical doctors in selected areas of the city.
  4. We will be organizing a conference for journalists with the Government of the Republic of Srpska.

Contact Details:
Clinical Center of Banjaluka
Prof. Sinisa Miljkovic
Karadjordjeva 315, 78000 Banjaluka
Banjaluka 78000
Republic Srpska
Work Phone: +38752342548
E-mail Address:


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