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The Argentine Brain Attack Association and FENERI Foundation sponsored by the Clinica la Sagrada Familia and the local city government, present a renovated campaign NO AL ACV. El ACV no discrimina, next to one of downtown Buenos Aires citys´ most symbolic cultural venue, The Colon Opera House. Encouraged by last year’s successful event, where more than 25000 people enjoyed ¨The Giant Brain: a journey inside to know and care, this year’s event will be enhanced by a new repertoire including animated short films for all to enjoy and learn and campaign material focusing on Women and Stroke and fundamentally the fact that Stroke does not discriminate, no matter, gender, race or age group. As an event highlight, Prof. Pedro Lylyk, MD, President of the Argentine Brain Attack Association and FENERI will present the first Mobile Stroke Unit with a CereTom Portable CT Scanner abroad and alert of the importance of time after onset of symptoms. In addition Feneri and the AAAC have promoted an annual survey which has provided further input regarding knowledge on Stroke, revealing an improvement in recognizing Stroke as an emergency and a critical condition in need of immediate attention, and a higher level of consciousness regarding Stroke Alert symptoms, but limited awareness regarding Women and Stroke. The exhibition will include health posts for attendees to control their blood pressure, carotid artery screening, glucose tests and how to learn to take their own pulse. A scientific program with lectures by local specialists in the field featuring: Prof. Pedro Lylyk´s opening lecture on Stroke Awareness at 7 pm. will also be available. We invite everyone to support this initiative: NO AL ACV. Stroke does not discriminate, age, race or gender, but it can be prevented, treated and rehabilitated. Spread the word!

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Argentine Brain Attack Association and FENERI Foundation
Prof Pedro Lylyk, MD
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Work Phone: 5491149977829 (cel) or 54 11 40147000 extension 7092
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