World Stroke Day Campaign 2018

Suffering a stroke can cause many significant and challenging mental and physical changes; but, continuing to work toward recovery is important.

Finding your new normal after a stroke won’t happen all at once—and that’s OK. Developing a new routine and tracking small, step-by-step goals will help.

Your medical team is there to help. Keep them informed of progress, concerns and changes to how you can support your own therapy.

What you can do

  • Develop your local World Stroke Day Campaign plan and put your plans on the World Stroke Campaign Map
  • Download, tailor and share World Stroke Campaign resources
  • Improve your own and others’ awareness of actual stroke risk by referring people in your networks or patient group to an endorsed stroke risk assessement tool. E.g. the WSO endorsed StrokeRiskometer app which is available for free and has been translated into a number of languages
  • Offer blood pressure tests and pulse monitoring in your community
  • Take part in a World Stroke Campaign webinar e-mail for details.
  • Share your reasons for preventing stroke on the World Stroke Campaign Facebook page, or on twitter #worldstrokeday

To register your interest and to receive campaign information and updates direct to your inbox e-mail us at

World Stroke Organization

logo-world-strokeDedicated to improve care for stroke survivors worldwide. 

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The Post Stroke Checklist
Improving Life After Stroke

Developed to focus on the need for improved long-term stroke management.

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