Campaign Posters 2017

Our Campaign Posters are designed to be low in info but high in impact. Posters direct people to the campaign website and are ideal for pinning up in community halls, shops, doctor’s waiting rooms, staff rooms – in fact anywhere with a notice board.

We have developed different versions so you can pick the one that suits your purpose and context. One poster has space for information about local events and organizations. If you just want to raise awareness use the version that has sponsor logos.

Source Files: If you wish to receive the source files to adapt any of these resources to your needs, please contact us at and provide us with a brief on how you wish to adapt the material.

World Stroke Campaign Posters 2017 

The campaign poster is also being translated into other languages.If you would like to volunteer to provide a different translation, please email


World Stroke Organization

logo-world-strokeDedicated to improve care for stroke survivors worldwide. 

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The Post Stroke Checklist
Improving Life After Stroke

Developed to focus on the need for improved long-term stroke management.

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