Brazil, Porto Alegre/RS - Blue & Pink October

Amor Vida Cuidado


At the october 28th the Association Amor Vida Cuidado (STROKE - Love, Life, Care) will apresent lectures about stroke were we are going to talk about a Blue & Pink October.
Our lectures will enfasis the WSC 2014 theme. We will talk about the risks of stroke in women and how they get involve even when they are not affected directly, but through caring of others. We will also make an apresentation of the Bill of Rights of the Stroke Survivor.
Our event will be innovative by talking about women, and how the experience of Magda Perez through a cancer at the 1990’s helped her to take care of her stroke survivor husband at 2007. Our goal is to talk about stroke specially, life and how it is posible to live with quality in both situations, stroke and cancer.
The lectures will happen by night, but among the day and the weeks before that we will be at the streets distributing folders with FAST (SAMU for Brazil) to spread the signs of stroke and make sure that many people will see or be involved with stroke awareness even if not directly. We are also at facebook ( and web
We are also going to talk about the importance of care, not only taking care but also about selfcare. In these we will talk about cancer also and the Pink October. With the Blue & Pink idea, we will to talk about health awareness and selfcare in the both situations: stroke and cancer, but our enfasis is stroke.
The lectures will happen by night, but among the day we will be at the streets distributing folders with SAFE letters (SAMU here in Brazil) to spread the signs of stroke.

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Amor Vida Cuidado
Mrs Magda Perez
Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil
Work Phone: 519-974-9175
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