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Heart and Stroke Foundation SA


Media release – to educate the general public about how to spot the signs of a stroke in their loved ones in order to reduce the number of people in South Africa who suffer permanent disability and die as a result of not taking action quickly enough. Target 20 key broadcast medias with packs including a covering letter asking journalists to: take 3 minutes of their time to read the messages; support the messages on their programme; retweet our twitter hashtag; like our Facebook posts; post something on their blog. Website – information about World Stroke Day is clearly displayed on our website banner, linking directly through to education on recognising the signs of stroke. Social media – create Facebook post which people can pass onto at least 3 of their friends. Create twitter hashtag and ask twitter followers to retweet the message at least 3 times on 29th October, which will include a link to the HSF website page detailing how to learn signs of stroke. Screenings, community talks and support groups will include messages around stroke, including the FAST message. Newsletter – distributed to our mailing list.

Contact Details:
Heart and Stroke Foundation SA
Mrs. Victoria Shand
Unit 411, Old Castle Brewery, 6 Beach Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, Cape Town
South Africa
Work Phone: +27 21 447 6268
E-mail Address:

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