Stories From Our Community

Stroke affects both the survivor and their families. Below, are some accounts from our members describing their experiences. The WSC encourages you to send in your personal stories in the hope that other readers will be strengthened by them.

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October 29, 2012

On the 06th September 2011, I received a call from a technician that was fixing my aunt's telephone line that she had collapsed. What I didn't know then was that, it would one of the most difficult time in my life. On our way to hospital that evening, she collapsed again suffering a major stroke than the one in the day. from being able to walk and do everything herself even at the age of 80, she could no longer do anything herself. She could not even think properly. She could not remember us, she slept most of the times as the stroke affected a part of her brain that's responsible for consciousness. Six weeks later she passed on in hospital. She was a healthy woman that lived most of her life without major chronic diseases and this gave me wake up call to take care of myself better so that I will be able to live long to my old age.

October 29, 2012

CamposA mi marido el día 28 de Enero le dio una trombosis, que por la rápida intervención de la ambulancia y que en cuanto me dijo que no sentía la parte izquierda la llame,se pudo recuperar,y después le dio un ictus el 15 de Mayo esa vez empezó hablar raro y le cogí y me lo lleve al hospital de Monteprincipe, que debo de decir que en ambos casos fueron muy profesionales y rápidos en hacerle todo lo necesario, hoy está muy bien sin secuelas, aunque claro con medicación, pero bien tiene 62 años recién cumplidos el día 12 de este mes y espero que siga así de bien, hemos hecho revisiones y todo le da estable y me alegro por ello. Rosa

October 28,2012

Jarmon-ParkesHi, my name is Roben Jarmon and I live in Houston Tx. Stroke has played a key role in life since I was a child. My grandfather had numerous strokes in his life time, many which were very serious. In the end he lost his life to a stroke in 2008. Little did I know 2 years later I would also loose my father to the same thing. I have always been a daddy's girl so needless to say that was the worst thing I've ever had to face in my life. Shortly after his passing I was listening to the radio and I heard about a walk called Stride for Stroke here in Houston so I decieded to join. I hadnt felt as good as I did that in day in a long time, thats when I knew what I wanted to do.

October 22, 2012

I had two hemmograpic strokes and one left thalamus stroke occurring every 9 days. I survived! It has taken two years to diagnose what triggered the strokes. I have finally been diagnosed with an auto-immune system disease and RA. I was treated for years for high blood pressure, red rashes around my nose,hairline,aching, horrific menstrual periods and migraines.. My Husband died of Cancer in November of 2012, a week after burying him I had my first stroke.. I lost my health,Husband, job all in one day! I am on disability and miserable.

October 20, 2012

GuzmánEl 22 de enero de 2008 sufrí un infarto serebral. Sufrí afasia y hemiplejia del lado derecho. Estoy por cumplir cinco años de esa experiencia, gracias a Dios porque tuve una segunda oportunidad. Ya estoy mucho mejor, con terapia de lenguaje y física se puede decir que estoy casi recuperada.

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