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Stroke affects both the survivor and their families. Below, are some accounts from our members describing their experiences. The WSC encourages you to send in your personal stories in the hope that other readers will be strengthened by them.

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January 03, 2013

The contradiction in rehabilitation.

By Wolfgang Wolf, BA SocPrac.(Couns.), Dipl. Comm. Dev.

Introduction: After many years of rehabilitation, and numerous counselling sessions with, not only other stroke survivors, but, generally people who have experienced a life changing event of some sort, this article looks at how patients reflect on their rehabilitation. It asks: is enough being done to assist the patient to regain control of his/her life and therefore aid the reintroduction and integration into society.

The author starts with his own time in hospital, draws on experiences of other survivors, and concludes with some suggestions for helping to build the self esteem of patients and benefit their long term rehabilitation.

November 12,2012

I'm the Stroke Program Coordinator for Moreno Valley Hospital in California. A 78 year old male came into our ED with Stroke Symptoms. He was eligible for Alteplase injection (the clot dissolving medication approved by the FDA). His symptoms resolved within minutes and his extended family witnessed the improvement. The patient had many grandchildren who were very upset to see their grandfather in such a state. But when the medication began taken effect, they became very grateful for the rapid improvement. I encouraged them to submit their photo the the "World Stroke Day" campaign.

October 30, 2012

MichaelWhen I was just 19 years old, I suffered a stroke. One morning, I woke up with the classic signs: weakness on one side, drooping face, and slowed comprehension, but I had no idea what was happening. I was engaged to be married and in my first year of college -- it did not even occur to me that I could be having a stroke.

My fiancée rushed me to the hospital. Unfortunately I was not given the clot-busting drug that is in commonly used today but was flown to a larger medical center for extensive testing and treatment. After a lengthy hospital stay and months of rest, I surprised everyone and fully recovered. This experience has made me grateful every day for my life.

October 29, 2012

LangellBorn 1969 ... Stroke 2007
Got "help" from a new doctor to end blood pressure medication but unfortunately the follow-up was not good enough. I got a bleeding in the control central which gave me continuous post stroke pain on my right side. Nerve pain that is constant in the foot and knee and the rest gets effected the more I do. Problem with being brain-tired, cognitive issues and touching the right side ... among other things. Lives in Sweden with my husband and son (6 years old now). I now avail on Facebook in several groups on stroke. Rgds Camilla

October 29,2012

My mother suffered a stroke in 1995 on New Year's Day. When she woke up the right side of her body and her face were numb. My father thought her foot was asleep and tried helping her walk it off. He waited at least 2 hrs. then took her to the Emergency Room as he tried to page her doctor. At the ER, they placed her in a wheel chair and left her in the waiting room for 3 more hour-taking in a boy with a broken arm before her even though she was basically falling out of the chair and too weak to talk. I believe the delay in getting medical attention, greatly worsened her condition and increased her time for recovery. She required approximately 2 years of physical therapy and had to learn to drive again. She also was diagnosed with diabetes, always feels cold, and struggles with tinnitus. She is still nervous about driving.

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