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Stroke affects both the survivor and their families. Below, are some accounts from our members describing their experiences. The WSC encourages you to send in your personal stories in the hope that other readers will be strengthened by them.

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October 28, 2013

Dear Sir,

My wife, a banking Professional at Bhadravati (Karnataka state) syndicate bank, was hypertensive for the past 5 years was on medication under the supervision of a senior physician She used to go for regular check up. Since last 15 days she was complaining of dizziness, memory loss, double focusing, vision blurring and disorientation. Every time during visit the doctor used to check BP/SUGAR and said all is well.

October 27,2013


My beloved wife passed away last month due severe stroke in the brain stem. She hypertensive and on regular medication since many years. BP was on normal though. In the month of August she started experiencing symptoms like severe dizziness, confusion, double focussing. Initially doctor diagnosed it as sinus infection and gave Amoxylene antibiotic for 5 days. But symptoms persisted the doctor checked sugar and started treatment even then no change was observed. Finally she started feeling numbness and tingling sensation in the right side of her body, the same doctor denied that they are stroke symptoms and gave anti depressant medicine.

October 24,2013

ScottMonday, May 3, 2010 I suffered a stroke. The stroke affected the right side of my brain, leaving me with loss of vision and the ability to read, write, speak in complete sentences and walk. I had just given birth to my youngest daughter 5 days earlier on April 27. Doctors accessed that I had pushed too hard while in delivery and busted a blood vessel in my brain. Thus leaving me to bleed on the brain for 5 days before it became apparent to my then husband that something was terribly wrong.

October 10,2013

thumb BallasiotesStrokes can and do happen in babies, children and the unborn. My now almost 16 year-old daughter Michelle suffered a stroke between 20 and 29 weeks gestation. She was just 3 days old when the evidence of an old hemorrhage was discovered during surgery to place a VP shunt for hydrocephalus. We were lucky she was diagnosed at birth and was able to start OT and PT when she was just 6 months old. She has right hemiplegia but with years of therapy, surgery and an AFO, she is living life as a typical teenager.

September 25,2013

As a Communication Specialist, Coach and Professional Speaker, here is the link to the story about my remarkable recovery from a stroke.

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