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Stroke affects both the survivor and their families. Below, are some accounts from our members describing their experiences. The WSC encourages you to send in your personal stories in the hope that other readers will be strengthened by them.

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May 31, 2014

I thought it was just a bad headache A week after my 53rd birthday I had a bad headache that brought me to the hospital after the 5th day of this headache that would not go away for good I just kept going .... Needless to say that...

May 31, 2014

Stroke Action Nigeria Stroke Action Nigeria launched a month long campaign in October 2013 in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health. The campaign in Onitsha Anambra State included walk and run against...

May 31, 2014

Good day

Please give me a minute of your time and point me into the right direction please.

I have a special friend out there Debbie who use to be so outgoing and...

October 29, 2013

Dear Sir,

This post is an attempt to encapsulate my thoughts about medical fraternity. In India medical Profession is held at highest esteem. It is a dream profession for many. This is the only profession where the customer (patient) first takes the service and pays without bargaining. This absolute faith of the patient with the doctor has been beautifully captured by traditional Sanskrit words VAIDYONARAYANO HARI meaning doctor and gods are same. Last week (11/09/2013) my beloved wife passed away because of massive stroke she suffered. My wife, a banking Professional at Bhadravati Syndicate Bank, was hypertensive for the past 5 years was on medication under the super vision of senior physician. We used to go for regular check up. Since last 15 days she was complaining of dizziness, memory loss, double focusing, vision blurring and disorientation. Every time during visit the doctor used to check BP/SUGAR and said all is well.

October 28, 2013

LairdAs I reach the 1 year milestone of this lovely 'holiday' Down Under, some may wonder what I do with all this glorious spare time, I now have been thrust up my sleeve. The answer is - not a lot. Which makes it all the more superb and convenient that I have short term memory loss, thus rarely being bored. Silver lining! When I do start feeling bored again, it shall be a happy day! I sometimes catch myself watching the same tantalizing episodes of Embarrassing Bodies or Curb Your Enthusiasm (AKA 'food' for the brain). As if that isn't enough to make me shake my head in humiliation and entertain my family and friends alike, I then see that my reaction to these shows is the exact same every time (i.e.: sending a quote from it in a message to a friend - two times, a few hours apart, unbeknown to this Kitty until they laugh and point it out *to which I laugh too. You must!*). Generally, I tend to be quite the recluse post strokes and spend most of my time with my Mother Duck and my younger sister, although I've slowly been growing more confident and comfortable being around my lifelong friends and doing normal day-time activities, including a regular volunteer stint at a local supportive primary school, which helps build my confidence, as well as encourages new routes around my damaged pieces of brain (to the power of two). I'm also rather obsessed with second hand shopping (Mother Duck's influence!), which was rarely the case just a year ago. Times they are a changin'! I was going to speech and language therapy and occupational therapy for a total of three sessions a week, but I now - in recognition of my progress in the past 12 months - no longer require either therapy.

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