Campaign Advocacy Brochures 2016

The Campaign Brochure provides a complete overview of the "Stroke is Treatable" theme.

Recognizing signs of stroke early, treating it as a medical emergency with admission to a specialized stroke unit, and access to the best professional care can substantially improve outcomes.

WSO members and partners from around the world are encouraged to adapt the brochures in accordance to their local needs.

Source Files: If you wish to receive the source files to adapt any of these resources to your needs, please contact us at and provide us with a brief on how you wish to adapt the material.

World Stoke Campaign Brochures 2016 – Stroke is Treatable

The campaign brochure has been translated into many languages. You may choose a brochure in the language of your choice from one of the available links below.

If you do not see your choice or would like to volunteer to provide a different translation, please email us at

World Stroke Organization

logo-world-strokeDedicated to improve care for stroke survivors worldwide. 

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The Post Stroke Checklist
Improving Life After Stroke

Developed to focus on the need for improved long-term stroke management.

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