World Stroke Day Awards 2015

Our Awards Committee received over 40 outstanding entries for the awards from different regions in the world and different health settings. Winners will be announced on 15th February 2016.

The awards recognize the efforts of World Stroke Campaign supporters in organizing exciting and inspiring events.

Award winners in 2015 will be featured on the World Stroke Campaign website, media and social media channels and will receive free annual membership of the World Stroke Organization and access to the International Journal of Stroke. Awards will be presented formally at the World Stroke Congress in Hyderabad, India in 2016.

This award category celebrates individuals whose commitment, creativity and achievement have raised awareness of the key theme of World Stroke Day stroke prevention, treatment and care on World Stroke Day.

Stroke is on the rise globally with low and middle-income countries making up an increasing proportion of the global stroke burden. Low public awareness of stroke prevention, issues with healthcare system capacity and limited financial resources pose particular challenges to campaigns in these countries. We want
to recognize the dedication and impact of organizations in these countries have made to overcome barriers and raise awareness of stroke prevention treatment and care issues among the public, healthcare professions and policy makers.

With high stroke prevalence, massive competition for public attention and resources - as well as increasing demands for information, support and services -high-income countries donít have it easy when World Stroke Day comes around. Gaining public attention and using the day to influence policy requires high levels of creativity, strategic planning and faultless delivery. We want to recognize the work of organizations in these countries to raise awareness of stroke as a national and global issue.

Judging Criteria

  • All awards were judged based on the following criteria to score entries:
  • Consistency with and application of the World Stroke Day theme
  • Success of the campaign in reaching local objectives
  • Creativity and innovation in overcoming challenges and barriers
  • Campaign targeting, reach and impact


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