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The Finnish Brain Association decided to choose this year one specific stroke risk factor which occur more frequently in women as a campaign theme, namely hypertension. It is very important issue concerning women, because their blood pressure tends to rise after menopause. This has been considered earlier as less dangerous, but now it has been taken seriously for stroke as well as women´s heart diseases. It is important, that women have enough knowledge about hypertension, it´s consequences for their health and that they understand the
requirement that their hypertension will be cured. They are also important in order to share their knowledge with their husbands and the whole family, including the older generations.

We wanted to draw public attention to the harmful influence of high blood pressure on brain health. The 26th of October was a proper launching day for Blood Pressure Campaign all around Finland and this campaign took the whole week (and started in Parliament 21st of October).

In addition to this campaign, there was a special issue on stroke in women in the Stroke-magazine (AVH-lehti), a quarterly special issue of Finnish Brain Association. Brochure “Woman and stroke” has been distributed in health events during the whole year.

This was the biggest blood pressure campaign ever organized in Finland. In according to previous research, only 17 percent of Finns know that hypertension is harmful on brain health. There is a lack of knowledge.

Finnish Brain Association has defined its goals till the year 2020 in its strategy. One of those goals is that the number of stroke patients will not grow compared to year 2011. This goal includes to prevent vascular diseases, especially stroke, to recognise risk groups and to work toward that everyone has an essential self-defence skill: how to feel your pulse in order to detect atrial fibrillation.

This campaign was very important to fullfill these goals as far as there is so big lack of knowledge concerning the connection with hypertension and stroke.

This was the biggest blood pressure campaign organized in Finland with 539 volunteers. Altogether 6,002 people´s blood pressure was measured twice.

There were about 120 free pop-up measurement points from October 26th to 30th. The campaign was a part of One Life, which joins forces with the Finnish Brain, Diabetes and Heart Associations. These points were organised with the help of societies of these associations and with health care professionals.

The first pop-up point was in the Parliament, where 33 Members of Parliament were measured. Three short video films produced there were spead in social media.

Measurements were taken also in trains, in conference of neurologist, in AVH-päivät ( a two-day stroke conference organized by FBA), before a public lecture, in swimming halls, in pharmacies, in bakeries, hospitals, libraries, petrol stations and fairs, in associations´own premises and in shopping, cultural, medical, health, children´s health, service and parish centres.

Also a public lecture about blood pressure was held in Helsinki.

A special campaign website was created to show all pop-up measurement points, to tell about blood pressure with a risk measurement test, videos etc.

The campaign was publicized in websites, in radio, in social media and in Helsinki trams.

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