Campaign Objectives and Rationale

Increase understanding of the solutions that exist

  • Knowledge is the most readily applicable and affordable part of prevention.
  • Key actions must be made to encourage healthy environments to support healthy behaviours.

Raise awareness on the profound and universal impact of stroke on individuals and families with particular emphasis on the appropriate quality long-term care and support for stroke survivors, including their care providers.

Translate knowledge into action

  • Transdisciplinary teams must be encouraged to develop expertise and translate evidence into practice.
  • Establish simple but comprehensive stroke units or similar care facilities. Stroke units and similar care facilities have long proven their worth, even in their most basic form.
  • And, work towards building a healthcare system that responds to the needs of each individual living with the impact of stroke.

Generate a movement that stimulates collective responsibility and action

  • Families, community-based groups, professional societies, national governments and the international community all need to support the delivery of programmes and services to all persons affected by stroke, as well as fight for better access to basic health services.

Campaign Rationale

The World Stroke Organization (WSO) seeks to establish a year-round stroke campaign to intensify and scale-up global awareness on the fight against stroke. This initiative is directly in line with the World Stroke Proclamation (2006) as follows:

  • Whereas; stroke is a global epidemic that threatens lives, health and quality of life.
  • Whereas; much can be done to prevent and treat stroke, and rehabilitate those who suffer from one.
  • Whereas; professional and public awareness is the first step to action.

And, in particular,

  • Increase awareness of the public, policymakers, and health professionals about the causes and symptoms of stroke.
  • Send a unified, consistent message throughout the world by coordinating and enhancing existing stroke campaigns to sustain a global effort.

DISCLAIMER: Stroke information and scientific data made available on the web pages of the World Stroke Campaign website are not exhaustive nor are meant to be. Please visit USEFUL LINKS for a list of recommended websites to be used as complementary sources on stroke.

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