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 World Stroke Day 2013 

About World Stroke Day 2012 and 2013: “Because I care… “

The global campaign to fight stroke continues to gain attention from stroke communities around the world. As with the overarching “1 in 6” theme of the campaign in 2012, the 2012 campaign slogan Because I care…" will be repeated in 2013.

The slogan was chosen as it can easily be adapted to all cultures and in any setting. There remain myths and misconceptions about stroke. The slogan attempts to address prevailing misinformation about the disease, e.g., stroke only happens later in life. Moreover, caregivers and the role of family and close friends – as those in the frontlines providing the supportive care - will play an essential role in the campaign. The campaign will celebrate their important contributions. Care givers are the conduits between the stroke community and the general public in correcting misinformation as they know first-hand what the reality is around stroke.

Because I care…

    • I want you to know the facts about stroke
    • I will work to break down the myths surrounding stroke
    • I want you to learn how to minimize your risk of stroke
    • I want you to have access to the best possible treatment
    • I will ensure that you receive quality treatment, care and support
    • I will be with you every step of the way towards your full recovery

WSO members are warmly encouraged to share their plans (even if tentative) for World Stroke Day 2013 (29 October). We will be delighted to post and publicize them on the campaign website and other media.

To share your World Stroke Day event plans, please follow this link:  event notification form  If you have any questions, please write to us at And, of course, please let us know how else we can help to make your event(s) a success.